The Basics

We remind you that Playa Maya offers beach-only access, our entrance being located no more than 15 meters (about 50 feet) from the point where 8th street dead ends at the beach. We are just to the right over the sand, but one must cross the area of the beach in front of the Hotel Carmen in order to reach us. Our reception is right at the front of the property, at our entrance on the right, just past our large palapa. Please send someone from your party around to let us know that you have arrived, so that we can come out and help take care of your bags for you!

If you have contracted transportation and your driver is not familiar with our location, please tell or show him the following: Entrada únicamente sobre la playa, casi esquina con la calle 8. 

We do not offer parking on site (almost no properties near the beach in central Playa del Carmen do), but both free street parking and paid parking lots can be found in the vicinity of the hotel. 

Other key points to remember:

  • Check-in: 3:00 pm

  • Check-out: 12:00 noon

  • Quiet hours: 11:00 pm to 8:00 am

  • Guests under 16 must stay in the same unit with an adult

  • Limit 4 guests per room, 8 per 2-room suite

  • Additional guest charge 20 USD + tax per night (waived for children under 12)

  • Additional bed charge 10 USD+ tax per night (always subject to availability) 

  • Mexican pesos, USD currency in good condition, and Visa & Mastercard accepted on site

  • Local authorities prohibit pets at beachfront establishments 

Notes re Security

We have always taken the personal security of our guests and their belongings very seriously, and advise you of the following:

  • All foreign guests must provide a valid passport at check in, as required by local authorities. Residents of Mexico must provide official Mexican ID.

  • Rooms are for registered guests only. Visitors wishing to enter rooms must first register as guests (covering any additional charges that may then apply).

  • Our overnight guard may ask you to identify yourself, show your room key, etc, when reentering the hotel in the evening, even if you are already registered as a guest.

  • We will do our best to help you keep all your belongings safe, but cannot mind everyone's things even in our public areas, much less inside the various units. Your unit has its own in-room non-digital safe, the only key to which is provided to you at check in. We have always provided such safes free of charge to all guests in all units, as they can help ensure that there is never any question as to any possibly inappropriate removal of guests' valuables by staff or other guests while they were out. However, this approach can only work if you as the guest actually use your safe properly to store your valuables, and use your key properly to lock your door when out. We will of course help all we can, in the event that something does seem to have gone missing during your stay, but we cannot be held responsible for any such loss.


We go out of our way to help guests with cancellations, but we do need to protect the interests of the business, too, especially due to our small size and the disproportionate financial loss that late cancellations can cause us. The first and most important thing is this: consider obtaining appropriate trip insurance. After all, it exists precisely to protect you as the traveler from financial losses due to unforeseen circumstances. We are in the hotel business, and simply cannot take on the role of insurance provider, as well. 

If you do decide for whatever reason that you wish to cancel all or part of your confirmed arrangements, we require that you submit written notification to us (email is fine), in order to ensure that there is no possible misunderstanding on such a crucial matter. That will also serve to provide a record of the timing, which is important since policies are based on how much advance notification you provide us. 

Cancellation notification deadlines
for dates in the range 20 Dec to 05 Jan: 21 days prior to the first night you are canceling
for dates in the range 06 Jan to 20 Apr: 14 days prior to the first night you are canceling
for any other dates throughout the year: 7 days prior to the first night you are canceling

If you notify us prior to the relevant deadline of your decision to cancel all or part of your confirmed arrangements, we will refund your payment in full, excepting only an administrative fee of 5% of the total or 25 USD (whichever is greater), to help cover our expenses. 

However, if you notify us after the relevant deadline has passed (including in cases of cancellations or other reductive changes made on site after arrival), your payment for the arrangements being cancelled may no longer be refundable. We will certainly attempt to re-rent the cancelled arrangements, and will consider all relevant circumstances and work with you in order to try to refund you at least some part of your payment, but that depends on many unpredictable factors and there is no way to guarantee that possibility in advance.

We will hold your confirmed arrangements through the entire first night and until 10:00 am the next morning. However, if at that point, you still have not checked in and we still have not heard from you regarding an intention to arrive and use the remainder of the stay, the booking will be considered a no-show cancellation and will be subject to the cancellation policy described above.

Disclaimer: Just to be as clear as possible, a reminder that we are a hotel provide lodging services as per the details presented on our site, nothing more, and cannot promise or guarantee anything about conditions external to those services, including with respect to

  • weather, beach, ocean or other natural conditions

  • level of occupancy or number of people on the beach or in town

  • occasional noise from nearby properties or drifting in from scheduled events

  • reports about various types of goings-on in the area, the region or the country

  • airline schedule changes or other transportation issues that may adversely affect your travel plans

  • appropriate and up-to-date travel/identification paperwork necessary for you to travel

  • health, work, childcare or other personal issues that may arise for you unexpectedly and conflict with your plans

and any other such outside issues beyond our control. Unless local authorities issue an official evacuation order for beachfront areas due to some impending natural threat, none of the above qualify as reason to waive our cancellation policy. So again, we strongly urge you to obtain appropriate trip insurance to cover you in the event that some such thing does unfortunately arise and you find that you wish to cancel because of them.